About Us

Kiki-Haircare was established in 2020, to bridge the gap in the Hair care market. We are fanatical about all things beauty!!!!!!!!

Kiki haircare has spent time in developing and sourcing the perfect products for all, Typical example is our “Skin wig cap” which is one of our best sellers made with natural fabrics to ensure a flawless finish.

Each of our product is aimed at giving you the best out of your hair care regime to give you nourished hair and perfect finish, whether a solo-hair care moment or a pampering session at the salon; we want you to enjoy the process.

Our mission is to help women enhance their natural beauty, and encouraging them to feel comfortable in their own skin.
Our extensive product range is naturally inspired, and carefully sourced. We are always adding new products to our range, listening to our customers, and bringing you more of what you want. So look out for new additions landing.